Away We Go! Week 8: Up & Down, Cont.

This Week…   So many different instruments, and they’re all mine!   Sharing and taking turns doesn’t always come so easily. One of the best ways he can learn to share is in a supportive place like our classroom. As you explore the different instruments together, your toddler sees that when he gives something up, […]

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Make Way For Music: Week 8 – Instrument Families

This Week… Each week that we are enjoying familiar activities in new ways.  Last week we played sticks, bells, and egg shakers at just the right time to the recording “We are Fine Musicians.” This week we will pretend to play the instruments featured on this same recording.  Repetition of something familiar along with a […]

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Away We Go! Week 6 – Up & Down

This Week… Has it ever been so much fun to fall down? So often we rely on words to tell us what to do, but musical cues, or letting the melody “tell” us what to do can be just as clear. By listening and letting our bodies respond, we know when to fall down, how […]

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Make Way for Music: Week 5 – Our Voices

I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through the session already. We’ve had so much fun so far exploring comparing & contrasting sounds, tempo, rhythm and beat! This week and next week, we’ll explore our voices in many different ways. “Sing, sing a song…”— nothing is more beautiful than families singing together! The music focus for […]

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Lesson 6 – Pathways, Continued

Isn’t it fun to play with balls?! Children and balls just go hand in hand. This week, take some time to explore all the paths your family can create during ball play. Does the ball move straight? Curvy? Zig-Zag? You might also enjoy creating pathways with a ball. Your little one may enjoy feeling a […]

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Lesson 5: Pathways!

Last week was a blast finishing up our focus on levels – exploring up and down and lots of other different movements was so much fun. This week we move on to pathways. Our world is most commonly organized in straight lines, emphasizing efficiency and directness. When children have the opportunity to explore lots of […]

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Lesson 2 In Our Fabulous New Location!

Kindermusik has moved to a new location and we are now movin and groovin over at Terpischore Dance Studios in Studio C!  What a wonderful new location for a Kindermusik class. Please check out Terpischore’s website ( for information about dance classes for children ages 3 & up. We sure “moved & grooved” in class last […]

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Lesson 1: Tempo

  Hello, Parents! How exciting, we are starting our first week of Kindermusik very soon! You will recieve a weekly newsletter with information about each lesson and how you can build on what we do in the studio and enhance your child(ren)’s learning throughout the week. Each week, we will be focusing on a musical concept […]

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Demo #2 – Only 1 Day Left To Sign Up!

Wow! I have received an overwhelming amount of interest in the past week and I’m so excited about it. With demo class #2 just a couple of days away, I’ve been reflecting on what a great program Kindermusik is and how well it brings together parent and child and fosters the bond between them. I […]

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Re-cap Demo #1

What a fabulous turnout it was for our first free demo class! We had so much fun dancing, singing and learning on Monday. Our lesson focused on tempo and challenged the children by asking them to use inhibitory control when the music required them to start, speed up, slow down or stop. Whether they were […]

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